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Ride-on Sweeper maintenance

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With the development of modern society, more and more people are cleaning attention. Drive-type washing machine in the high-tech industry as a clean one, to be applied more widely. So we usually how it should be to maintain it?

Drive-type  washing machine ordinary maintenance and maintenance work is very  important, because we drive-type washing machine reasonable maintenance  will extend the life of its effective use, and therefore also affect the  efficiency of washing machines. To ensure that the effect of driving the sweeper, it is necessary to  do regular maintenance checks, we mainly pay attention to what place?

First, the drive-type washing machine disk brush, the main brush seal plate maintenance

 1. Note the brush plate and the angle of contact with the ground,  which would allow the brush parallel to the disk surface completely, it  will also improve the efficiency of scrubbing brush.

 2. The side brush, main brush with a long time there after curling  phenomenon, with 80 degrees of boiling water through the lower, PET  material bristles will automatically spring back.

 3, regularly check the diagonal length of the brush disk brush, to ensure high efficiency of washing.

 4, the main brush seal surrounding each plate, there should be no damage. If damaged, replace immediately to new seal plate.

Second, Rider Sweeper motor maintenance

 1. To clean up immediately regularly check whether the motor exists debris found after

 2. If the drive-type washing machine inside the brushless motor is too long or too short, please replace it.

 3. Make sure that no debris each run the motor, internal carbon brushes should not be shorter than a predetermined length.

Third, the drive-type washing machine battery maintenance

 1. Regularly check the battery meets the requirements of electro-hydraulic (except maintenance-free) must not run power loss.

 2. Keep Rider Sweeper electromechanical bottle clean and dry, especially in those parts exposed, such as screws or the like.

 3. Rider Sweeper at work for some time, remove the battery cover a  few of the electromechanical driving style sweeping the water inside the  bottle to check if found necessary, add distilled water to immediately  supplement.

 4.  Battery charge on Rider Sweeper should turn off the power door locks,  do not charge the battery upside down, charging as much as possible once  filled. The  charging process, if the smell or odor when the battery temperature is  too high, they should immediately stop charging, sent repair if  necessary. When removing the battery, do not use wet hands or keys and other metal contact across the electrodes, in order to avoid burns.

 5. handling charge, avoid "deep discharge." After Rider Sweeper use, the best day of charging, do not wait to run out of battery recharging.

 Supporting the use of dedicated charger 6. charging. Due to the battery formula and process different technical  requirements are not the same charger, Chargers which can be filled with  what brand of battery, are not the same, so do not mix charger.

 7. Long-term need to every month on one charge, after power to the  battery inside the store is full, should not be stored in a loss of  power of the state.

 8.  If you encounter a battery using a battery hydropower bottle, then we  need to periodically check the battery very electro-hydraulic is not  very adequate, electro-hydraulic if insufficient, will also affect the  efficient use of battery power and driving style sweeping machine of.

Fourth, other considerations

 1. After each use clean body, clean the vehicle, the timely removal of dust inside the car. Jiaoninyizhao body easily remove dirt: dirt can not be removed  directly using a small amount of mineral spirits will be able to easily  detergent.

 2. Regularly check the tightness of the brake, to ensure job security.

 3, check the mechanical parts of the member so tight is loose, loose to promptly step up.

 4, for transmission belts should be checked periodically on their degree of tension to keep it at a normal level.

For  drive-type washing machine is one of the key it normal maintenance  operations, on the face of drive-type washing machine maintenance  recommendations are our most of the attention in daily use problem, I  believe, if we can more carefully, in accordance with the above maintenance requirements do, your drive-type washing machine of life will be greatly enhanced.

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