Ht-038 blauw Multifunctionele vloerpolijstreinigingsmachine


Materiaal: Stone
Shift Type: Infinitely Variable
Fuel: Electric
Controle: Kunstmatig
Automatisering: Automatisch
Certificering: CE, RoHS

Basis informatie.

Modelnr. HT-038
Sollicitatie Hotel
Gewicht 38.7kg
Spanning 110V-220V
Specificatie 420*100*1150mm
Oorsprong Guangdong, China
Productiecapaciteit 2000 Stuk/Stukken per Maand
Aangepast Aangepast
Stroom 1100W
Frequentie 50/60 Hz
Transportpakket Houten dienblad + omdoos
Handelsmerk HaoTian
HS-code 8421199090

Ht-038 blauw Multifunctionele vloerpolijstreinigingsmachine


Item. Nee. HT-038
productnaam  Split Type Multi-function Floor Machine
Accessoires 10” &17” Hard brush/10”&17” Soft brush/Water tank/Pad holder
Frequentie 50 Hz
Spanning 220V
Stroom 110W
Rotatiesnelheid van de borstel 175 tpm/min
Diameter basisplaat 10 inch & 17 inch
Lengte van kabel 12m


A multi-purpose floor polishing machine is a type of cleaning equipment used for multiple floor cleaning and maintenance tasks, including polishing, scrubbing, buffing, and stripping.

The multi-functional floor polishing machine typically consists of a motorized base unit and interchangeable pads or brushes for different cleaning and polishing purposes. The base unit is equipped with adjustable settings to control the speed and pressure of the rotating pads or brushes.

One of the advantages of a multi-functional floor polishing machine is its versatility and efficiency. It can perform different floor cleaning tasks with one machine, reducing the need for multiple pieces of equipment and saving time and effort. It is also suitable for different types of floors, including hard surfaces such as concrete, stone and wood.


Ht-038 blauw Multifunctionele vloerpolijstreinigingsmachine