PBD4A Heavy-duty strong floor cleaning machine polisher stone burnisher

            The machine is used more and more widely, the configuration of fashion elegant appearance, special aluminum alloy shell, never rust, heat dissipation is particularly strong, 3 horsepower horsepower motor, provide a strong urge, remove any menace from the “rear” for your work, to strengthen the special configuration of gear box, aluminum alloy refurbished disc invincible brush buckle, work width 43 cm, butterfly operation handle matched fastening durable, water tank low center of gravity, in addition to a multifunctional washing out, according to the work need to be free to increase or decrease the weight, improve work efficiency, achieve the desired effect. Set the function of washing machine in a body, can do professional crystal stone or renovation process, suitable for factory buildings, hotels, shopping malls, especially cleaning company for daily care and special treatment of stone.

Technical Specification.

Item. No. PBD4A
Product Name Floor polisher
Accessories Main body/Handle/Water tank/Floor brush/heavier iron/drving palte
Frenquency 50/60Hz
Voltage 220V-240V
Power 2200W
 Speed 175rpm
Brush Diameter 18inch
Length of Cable 12m


Product Details
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