„Spotkanie z Baiyunem, aby świętować Nowy Rok, podanie rąk, aby pozostać w uszach przez Nowy Rok” Le Rong Baiyuna

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            2024 condolence activities for frontline migrant workers in Guangzhou

As the Chinese New Year holiday is coming,  the weather is clear on January 31, 2024 is coming , and we welcome Wu Yong’an, Executive Vice Chairman of the Baiyun District Federation of Trade Unions in Guangzhou, Peng Hailong, Political and Legal Personnel Service Science Committee of the District Committee, Chairman of the District Working Committee in Guangzhou, as well as leaders such as Zhou Cuiyun, Secretary and Deputy Director of Hong Yinglan in Jianggao Town, and Ma Xueying, to visit and guide us. The leaders bring precious gifts and care, support, and love for industrial construction, Without hesitation, we have come to our company to guide our work and offer condolences to our foreign frontline employees, making them feel warm and encouraged. “Wishing everyone a happy New Year!” “Thank you all for your hard work.” “We have sent them sincere condolences, and also sent them rice, oil, milk and other comforting products, expressing our best wishes for the new year.”.

           Our company leaders Chairman Tan, Factory Director Zhou, HR Manager Zeng, and 20 employees from other provinces participated in this condolence event. Mr. Tan expressed his gratitude and New Year’s greetings to the leaders of the district committee for their arrival, and Director Zhou introduced our company’s blueprint plan.

          Peng Hailong, the Political and Legal Personnel Service Department of the District Party Committee, also explained in detail how to apply for an electronic residence permit, enter Guangzhou under the point system, and enroll children under the point system. He encouraged everyone to prepare for their children’s enrollment as soon as possible, pay more attention to the good policies issued by the relevant official account, and avoid missing good opportunities. The employees were very excited and applauded incessantly; I believe that with the improvement of policies, foreign nationals will better solve the problem of difficult enrollment for their children.

             Thank you to the leaders of the Baiyun District Federation of Trade Unions, the Political and Legal Affairs Committee (District Bureau), and the District Working Committee for their meticulous care and care towards the work and life of foreign employees of Haotian Cleaning Equipment Company. Your condolences have made employees feel the warmth and happiness of their families; Thank you to the leaders for taking the time to comfort our employees during their busy work, which has made them feel very honored and touched. The support and concern of the leaders of the Federation of Trade Unions, the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of the District Committee (District Bureau), and the District Working Committee are the driving force for employees to move forward. We believe that everyone will work harder to contribute their own strength to the work and development of the company.

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